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Millions of people up and down the UK could be owed a refund for this scandal

During 2007 - 2021 vehicle finance providers added hidden commission fees into finance agreements. An investigation carried out by the FCA revealed situations where people were being overcharged on their monthly finance payments, this free online check will allow you to find out if you were one of the people affected

Have you had any of the following vehicles on finance between 2007 - 2021?

  • Car
  • Van
  • Motorbike
  • Motorhome
  • Caravan

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Frequently asked questions

How do I know if I have a claim?

If you took out finance for a vehicle with any of the big finance lenders such as Black Horse, Close Brothers, MotoNovo etc between 2007 - 2021 there is a high chance you could have a claim

What type of vehicle finance does it need to be?

We accept claims for all types of finance wether it was a Personal Contract Purchase (PCP), Hire Purchase (HP), leasing and many more

What part of my finance was mis-sold?

There are many ways in which your finance could have been mis-sold. Did they disclose their commission details with you? Were your finance terms adequately explained to you or were you charged higher interest rates as a result?

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Investor Compensation (UK) Ltd is a Claims Management Company. You do not need to use our services to make your complaint, you can do this yourself for free by contacting your lender directly. If your complaint is not successful you can refer it to the Financial Ombudsman Service or, if the firm is no longer trading, the Financial Services Compensation Scheme

No Win, No Fee: A success fee between 18% and 30% (including VAT) will be charged if your claim is successful. If you cancel your claim after the 14-day cooling-off period, you may still be charged a fee. If you terminate the Agreement outside of the 14 day Cancellation period, You will be liable to pay Us our reasonable costs incurred in relation to Our Services at the rate of £175 per hour (including VAT)